Veterinary clinic Dier & Arts


Veterinary clinic Dier & Arts

We have two practices throughout Zeeland (Goes and Yerseke). Our committed, professional staff are there every day to help your pet. We have a team of 16 people, six of whom are vets. With us, your dog, cat or other pet is in good hands, thanks to our wealth of experience and modern treatment methods.

For decades now, we have been providing reliable, high quality care for (sick) pets in Zeeland.

Taking your pet on a holiday

When you go on holiday in Zeeland, you naturally take your pet with you. You can go on holiday without any worries, because good care for your pet is also available here. Veterinary Practice Dier & Arts is easily accessible from many holiday destinations.

We have a lot of experience with foreign patients. You are more than welcome. You can find one of our modern practices within a 30-minute drive of most holiday parks in Zeeland; click for directions.

After we have treated your pet, we always make sure that your own vet receives all the necessary information in a report.

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Veterinary practice Goes

Veterinary practice Yerseke

If you don't know which practice is nearest to you, you can always call our head office by clicking here.