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We strive to make our rates as transparent as possible. That's why you will find an overview of common treatments below. We cannot provide a full overview because care is always tailor made. The right treatment for your pet depends on many aspects.

Fair rates

We formulate our rates carefully and aim for a good price/quality ratio. This means that we stand behind our rates. We very rarely have discount offers because we always charge you an honest price.


34,50 euro
Emergency consultation
65,00 euro
Consultation night & weekend
65,00 euro
Consult night (after 11:00 hour pm)
104,00 euro

Vaccinations Cat*

Kattenziekte en niesziekte
49,00 euro
Kattenziekte en niesziekte + (bordetella) neusenting
74,00 euro

* = Our vaccination rate includes a general health check.

Vaccination Dog*

Cocktail vaccination dog
49,00 euro
Cocktail vaccionation dog + Kennelhoest neusenting
84,00 euro

* = Our vaccination rate includes a general health check

Vaccinations Rabbit*

Rabbit vaccination VHD and myxomatose including consultation
47,50 euro
Every next rabbit
30,00 euro

* = Our vaccinations also includes a general health check


Chipping including registration
46,00 euro
Chipping combined with consultation or vaccination
38,00 euro


The prices below include admission, (inhalation) anaesthetic, oxygen supply, monitoring and pain relief before and after the operation and postoperative examination. Prices vary depending on the exact body weight.

Sterilization puss
114,00 euro
Castration cat
 57.50 euro
Sterilization Dog from
300,00 euro
Castration Dog from
165,00 euro
Castration Dog (until 20 kg)
155,00 euro
Sterilization Rabbit/Cavia
135,00 euro
Castration Rabbit
67,50 euro
Castration Cavia
 52,50 euro


Stated prices include VAT. You can pay by card or in cash. It is not possible to pay on account. Information is subject to changes and typing errors.