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Tijdens het weekend kunt u bellen naar het algemene nummer: 0113 - 33 01 15
u wordt dan automatisch doorverbonden met de dienstdoende arts.

Night and weekend

During evenings and weekends

We are also here to help outside opening hours. If necessary, you can contact us at all times via the central telephone number: 0031 113 - 33 01 15


The evening service starts at 7 pm on normal working days and ends the following morning at 8 am.


The weekend service starts at 7 pm on Friday and ends at 8 am on Monday. If you wish, or need, to use the evening and weekend service, you must always discuss this first by phone. In consultation with the vet, a decision will be made on whether examination/treatment is necessary or if it can wait until the next working day.


Veterinary Practice Mosselman & Verboom offers its evening and weekend service in cooperation with two other veterinary practices, i.e. Animal Clinic Goes and Animal Clinic Yerseke. The practice where you will be assisted during the evening and weekend service depends on the duty roster. The vet might ask you to visit a different practice from your usual one.

Weekend charge

A different charge applies during the evening and weekend service. The charge is the same for all practices taking part.

Exchange of patient data

The medical details of patients that have used the evening or weekend service are exchanged with your own vet the next working day. You own vet will perform any follow-up treatment. Your own vet is also your contact point for (further) questions.

Public holidays

The weekend timetable applies to the following public holidays:

- New Year's Day
- Whit Monday
- Easter Sunday
- Christmas Day
- Easter Monday
- Boxing Day
- King's official birthday
- New Year's Eve from 5 pm
- Whit Sunday