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Tijdens het weekend kunt u bellen naar het algemene nummer: 0113 - 33 01 15
u wordt dan automatisch doorverbonden met de dienstdoende arts.



For emergencies, our practice can be contacted at all times by phone. Just call the number of your practice or our central number: 0031 113 33 01 15

Duty roster

Depending on the duty roster and availability, the vet will ask you to go to one of our branches straight away.

Emergency during the evening or weekend

During the evenings and at weekends, Veterinary Practice Mosselman & Verboom offers an emergency service in cooperation with two other veterinary practices, i.e. Animal Clinic Goes and Animal Clinic Yerseke. You might therefore be asked to visit a different practice from your usual one. The patient details will be exchanged the following working day. Further treatment will be performed by your own vet.

Owner unknown?

If you have found an animal that is seriously ill or wounded, but you do not know the owner, the best thing to do is call the Dierenbescherming  (Dutch organisation for the protection of animals) and the animal ambulance will come to the rescue.

T: 0031 6 43727125 (available 24/7)

Found a bird or hedgehog?

If you have found a bird or hedgehog that appears to be (seriously) ill or wounded, the best thing to do is call 'De Mikke' bird and mammal rescue. They are specialised in caring for hedgehogs.

T: 0031 118 62 82 88

Cruelty and/or neglect

Cruelty to animals and animal neglect are punishable in the Netherlands. If you witness cruelty and/or neglect, we advise you to contact the animal police.

T: 144