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Our practice

Veterinary Practice Mosselman & Verboom offers good veterinary care for your (sick) pet in Zeeland. Our committed staff are there to serve you every day. Veterinary Practice Mosselman &Verboom has been providing reliable care for decades.


With five branches on Zuid-Beveland, our services are never far away. During opening hours, you are welcome to attend an appointment or our open clinic, at one of our branches:


Our practice provides care for a wide range of pets. The most common pets in the Netherlands are dogs and cats. With us, these faithful companions are in expert hands.

Our vets have built up a lot of experience in treating rabbits and other rodents (such as the Guinea pig, hamster and degu). We are therefore always pleased to help you care for these animals.

You are equally welcome in the practice if you have a bird in need of treatment, such as a duck, chicken, dove, budgie or parrot. The same applies to new or more unusual pets such as the ferret, mouse, tame rat, tortoise or chinchilla.