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Our practice also has its own pharmacy. You can therefore come to us for prescribed drugs and we also have a wide range of prescription-free medication.

Prescribed drugs

A prescription from the vet is required for prescribed drugs. The vet gives the name of the patient on this prescription. The prescription also contains details of how to use the medicine, the quantity and the strength. A prescription can be used for a limited or unlimited period. During this period, the patient might need the same medication several times. With some drugs, it is obligatory for the vet to check your pet regularly.

Prescription-free medication/products

A wide range of prescription-free medication is available from our pharmacy. This does not require a prescription from the vet.

Ordering and collection

If your pet needs long-term medication or special prescription food, you can order this by phone. Our paravets will then make sure that your order is waiting for you. You can collect medication, special  food, etc. from our practices during opening hours. You are advised to phone beforehand so that we can have your order ready for you.

New consultation

By law, some medication cannot be prescribed for an extended period without an interim examination by the vet. This involves drugs which could harm the health of your pet. For this reason, our paravets will, in some cases, ask you to make a new appointment before they can supply the medication.

Patient unknown

If you are not a client of our practice and/or your pet is not a patient, we are unfortunately unable to supply you with prescribed drugs. That would be against the law but, even more importantly, irresponsible towards your pet. If you are not a client, but require medication for your pet you can  register with our practice and, after the vet has examined your pet, you will (if necessary) be given the appropriate medication for it.