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Our vets are specialised in caring for pets. The combination of extensive experience and young talent means that our team can treat a wide variety of patients.  

Dog and cats, and much more .....

The most common pets in the Netherlands are dogs and cats. Naturally, you can call on us to take care of these faithful companions. But that is only just the beginning. We will also gladly help you with your rodents, such as rabbits, Guinea pigs and hamsters. Birds, such as ducks, chickens, doves, budgies or parrots are also welcome at our practice. We can also treat new or more unusual pets such as the ferret, tame rat, tortoise or chinchilla.

Rare pets

If you have a pet other than those listed above and want to know if we can treat it,  feel free to contact us. We know our strengths, but also our limitations. If it would be better for your pet to be treated at a specialised practice, will give you honest advice.

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